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Working for you, we assume a special responsibility to provide quality in each professional function.


As Advisors:

We provide clients an understanding of legal rights and obligations and their practical implications.


As Negotiators:

We seek advantageous results for our clients when dealing with others.


As Advocates:

We zealously assert our client’s position in the legal system.


As Evaluators:

We examine and report about our client’s legal and financial affairs by exercising independent professional judgment and rendering candid advice.


Walsten & Te Slaa, P.A., was founded by Trevor Walsten and Orlin Te Slaa. The mission of our law firm has always been to provide trusted and recommended legal services to our clients.

Walsten & Te Slaa, P.A., has been built on the principle that a law firm is only as good as the people who work for it. Our Bloomington law firm is privileged to employ some of the very best attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and support personnel in the practice of law. They apply their passion and commitment to excellence with a tireless work ethic to help our clients reach their objectives.

We understand today’s complex legal environment and how it affects businesses and individuals. We will explain how legal issues impact you and offer specific responses to your particular circumstances. We have a history of providing our clients with high-quality legal representation, and we do it cost effectively. We help to take the complexity out of the legal landscape for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

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